COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

Premier Health TX offers drive-thru COVID-19 testing for travelers. We are continuously monitoring the travel restrictions and requirements for our patients.

No appointment is necessary, however, for your convenience you can schedule online same day or ahead of time.

General Guidelines:

  • Majority of countries require a negative PCR lab report or negative Rapid Antigen report prior to travel or entry
  • Most countries require testing to be completed 36 – 120 hours before travel
  • Lab results are produced Monday – Friday
    • Sunday travel – test must be completed Friday prior to departure
    • We are able to produce results same day if your test is complete before 9:00 AM – results will be released between 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM.
  • We can provide digital copies of all necessary documentation needed for entry
    • Once documents are received you can print physical copies at home or upload them to the countries travel portal


  • No test negative test results required
  • No quarantine required

United Kingdom:

  • Negative test results must be provided ahead of entry
  • Self-isolation required for 14 days upon arrival


  • Advising against non-essential travel
  • Negative test results must be provided ahead of entry
  • Must quarantine for 14 days upon arrial


  • Travelers must have a negative COVID-19 test result 96 hours before travel
  • Travelers may have to complete a PCR test on arrival,
  • Mandatory quarantine period, usually via self-isolation at a private address if suitable or a hotel, for at least 14 days, and follow up testing before you are able to complete quarantine.

Dominican Republic:

  • Rapid tests will be performed on randomly selected travelers upon arrival
  • No negative test results are required ahead of travel
  • Quarantine is only required if you have a positive test upon arrival or COVID-19 symptoms

For additional information please visit the state government website or if you have questions please contact us at

COVID-19 Live Statistics

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